Living next door to Anita

I don’t know who Anita is , but I feel very bad for her. As the house-help of my new neighbour, she gets yelled at practically every day. If not everyday, then every alternate day for sure. Now there are only two ways to explain this situation- either she is terribly incompetent or her boss is horribly ill tempered. I am too new to have figured out which it is yet.

In case you still haven’t worked it out, I’ve got new neighbours because I have moved cities. I now live in Delhi. Just a little under a month ago, this life altering decision was implemented with the help of (who else?) the parents. “Good” job prospects can make you do crazy things. Leave the comforts of home and hearth. Move to a city you were sure you’d thought you’d never go back to. Live all by yourself.

The 30 days I have spent here have been good. I have managed to reorient myself to the ways of the city. The job seems to be shaping up well, though I think a month is a little too early to comment on that. I’ve reconnected with many old friends and even made a few new ones. Living on my own is teaching me new skills……. I think this move might just be what I needed.

19 thoughts on “Living next door to Anita

  1. Noooo…move back,move back! Bombay misses you 🙂 Dont they have a branch in Bombay where you can get a transfer? How will I meet you when I come to visit 😦 Anyway hope you are enjoying yourself…and your new job. And all the best for solving the mystery called Anita 🙂

  2. All the best at the move, change is good and delhi definitely maybe a good job prospect all the best
    thank you…im hoping the change will be good… it better be good. it was too much effort, i tell u!!


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