12 thoughts on “The cute duckling..

  1. You know Mandira, something really struck me just now. After I read your comment on my post, I visited your blog with my photos of that cute duckling basking in the sun at Kodari, Nepal. I read the article about the ‘ugly ducking’ and ‘sweet swan’episode. You know I see a new theme and a new revelation between all this now. When we are impure we are ugly, when we make our life sacred we are ‘sweet swans’. I found a new connection between your childhood memory and your recent post. Whoever is sacred is beautiful. Never ever give importance to outer beauty. That does not matter. Look inside, inside should be beautiful.
    You are my sweet swan!! Mommy

  2. OH MY GOD, this makes my day… that duckling is too cute! 😀

    i wud have renounced the rest of my journey to sit next to this little one… till its mommy shooed me away… unless I got the mommy to like me too :mrgreen:

    And Saruma clicked these? They’ve come out really well… now who gets the photography skills from whom? It runs in family!! 😀

    PS: don’t kill meeeeeee, i am calling u soon!! 😀 am better 😀

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