In retrospect

In the time that I have been away, wordpress has changed beyond recognition.  I am having serious difficulty finding my way around. No wonder my 250 word post  titled“Look who is back” was published as “Look who is back” and nothing more.  I thought ctrl+c and ctrl+v still worked on wordpress. Apparently not.  Technology changes much too fast, if you ask me.

So why am I back to blogging after almost a year? For no greater reason than the fact that I feel like writing again. When I shut this blog, I was at a stage when I felt the writing had stagnated. Life wasn’t offering too many interesting things  to write about. Plus, living in a new city all by myself was taking a bit of getting used to. Writing was then, obviously, the last thing on my mind.  As I type away at the key board I realise most of these things still stand true. I have a life that’s fairly  stuck in an unaltering routine. I work 6 days a week. Hardly travel (going to Bombay doesn’t count). And when I read what I have just written, I realise the writing hasn’t gone up a level either.  Yet, after a year of staying away from this blog and settling in the capital, I just feel it would be a good idea to give writing another shot. I just hope this time I don’t run out of things to say! *fingers crossed*

So what have I done while I was away from this blog?  Quite a bit! I’ve-

  1. Settled into the new job. Acquired a fair understanding of the  people, the culture, the industry. There still a lot that needs to be understood, but a decent start has been made
  2. Adapted to Delhi’s pace. I still miss Mumbai’s pace and energy, but now Delhi seems fine too. 😀
  3. Connected with lots of old friends.  If you’ve lived 20+ years in a city and you return to it, you are bound to bump into people you know all the time. I’ve meet people – friends, acquaintances, old neighbours even schools teachers, at shops, malls, on the streets and each accidental meeting has been a reason for joy.
  4.  Found an alternate hobby to baking: embroidery!
  5. Read an eclectic mix of books, the latest being Priya by Namita Gokhale.
  6.  Joined and quit the gym. I think I was meant to join gyms, only to quit them within 3 months.
  7. Moved homes. Yes, all in the span of one year, I’ve moved two homes.
  8. Travelled home to  Bombay about 4 times in the year. The parents made about the same number of trips. Yes, we are all wondering why I even  bother to live in Delhi. J I also made a quick trip to Chandigarh and Bangalore.
  9. Learnt to cook exact  portions for one.
  10. Gone back to watching movies in the theatre. Latest movie: Mausum. Recommended only till the intermission. The second half of the movie is just chaotic confusing and in part, unbelievable.

That’s broadly it. What have you been guys been upto- Dipali, SMM, Vimmuuu, Monika, Crafty, Homecooked,Swaram, S&S, Hitchwriter?

14 thoughts on “In retrospect

  1. Yay! Can you hear the band baaja outside your window? Thats me welcoming you back 🙂 I’m sure you’ll have loads to write. For now I’m happy that I could read a post from you 🙂 Hey maybe you can do a post on embroidery for us!

    Homey, you my friend, are responsible for the return of the blog. so thank you. im still not very confident on the masala for writing, but im going to try to have about 1or2 posts a week.
    im sooo not a professional embroider-er! hehehe. let me get better and then i’ll do a post….or i could do a post of very very basic embroidery..

  2. dont blame you: wordpress changes every week

    6 is the norm
    aah. so it really is not me. imagine how confusing WP was after a whole year of staying away!
    btw, your name doesnt link up to ur blog. send me your url, please!

  3. 🙂 🙂 Good to have you churning it all over again ! 😛 Gyms are not meant for thinkers like us !!! that is if you take me in that thinkers category first up ! 😛 😛 😛 !!!

    Lol@gyms for thinkers. Thinker, we are,eh? no one has ever called me a thinker! lol

  4. MANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tight Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!! So so good to see you here! I had to rub my eyes when I saw my reader updated! 😀

    Yay! Hope you don’t run out of words! If you do, type numbers… will do!
    Lol. dint you know of my record with maths?i wouldnt do very well with numbers. but i like your sense of humour !

    I’ve been upto nothing special! Work, friends and books keeping me busy!
    how is work? still with the same organisation? and what books have you been reading? any recommendations?

  5. Glimpses of the embroidery pls 🙂
    embroidery is going so s-l-o-w right now…will put up the basic design done so far… its not much, i warn ya!

    Am dng well too, and hv been blogging OFF and on!
    at least u are doing it off and on.. i was totally off it!

    And when r u making a trip to Hyd? 😉
    lets seeeee… i made a trip sometime in 2005..back then i didnt know you..:( havent had a reason to visit again after that…

  6. Welcome back 🙂

    Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V does work on wordpress Mandira,

    The flowers in the header look beautiful.

    Thank you, thank you. ctrl+c and ctrl+v still works? god know why it didnt work for me then! must have made some mistake.
    the flowers are from a climber in the last place i used to stay. its called madhumalti, i think

  7. I am just so happy you’re back to writing!

    ..and well, nothing spectacular has been happening on my side. Although I did read 30 BOOKS this year already !!! 😀 😀 Yes, that is my trumpet you’re hearing right now! 😀

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