The good stuff

For the fact that I was born in this city.

For the fact that I gained an education in this city.

For the fact that I found employment in this city.

For the fact that in my own way I love this city.

For the fact that I should make up for all the times I have cribbed about Delhi.

For all those facts and more, I will write a post on what I like about dear Dehali. I owe it to the city. And now when I get down to it, I realise I have enough to say to populate a 10 point list!

The greenery– Delhi is far greener than Bombay, let’s not even debate this. Tree lined roads, parks of all shapes and sizes, the ridge, schools with large playing fields, homes with a patch of green in the front and  may be if they are lucky a green backyard  too.  The greenery ensures Delhi can breathe  and makes it look oh so pretty. With the greenery come the flowers. Different flowers for different seasons.  Which brings us to the next point- the seasons.

The seasons– Summer. Monsoon. Autumn. Winter. Spring.  V/s Summer. Monsoon.

In terms of variety, Delhi leads the way.  And as most people would agree, variety=fun.  Different food, different clothes, different activities to suit the weather conditions makes for an interesting life. One in which managing your clothes (winter, summer, somewhere in-between) is a task by itself. :-p But still, its change, it’s good. As a side note, I must mention winter continues to be my least favourite season, but surprisingly I am warming to it. Very, very gradually.

The vegetables– They just taste better in Delhi. No real reason has been identified for this as yet. But they do. Take my word for it. May be its something to do with the fact that Bombay gets all vegetables all though the year so they taste, well, a little tasteless. Delhi still has some concept of seasonal vegetables, though I see that fast dying too.

The space– Delhi has it. Bombay doesn’t. There is nothing more to be said.

The history– Both cities have their own fascinating histories, but Delhi seems to have more structural reminders of its past. There is the Quatab Minar, Jantar Mantar, Red Fort, Humayun’s tomb, Safdarjung’s  tomb. And these are just the big and famous ones. Tucked away in the corners of the city are numerous small, sometimes nameless monuments that don’t even make it to the tourists’’ itinerary.  Ever visited Green Park or Haus Khas village? Or Mehrauli? You can’t miss the tombs, the ruins or the gumbaz that are dotted these areas.

The people– Friendly, happy, helpful. Sometimes a bit nosey. OK, mostly nosey. But essentially friendly and happy. People who are keen to exchange a few words, to invite you over for a cup of tea, to chit-chat about nothing in particular.  Not to say that people in Bombay aren’t friendly or happy. But they are far too busy, too caught up in the rush of everyday life to spare time to reach out to others. That, at least, has been my experience. I also feel Delhiites are far more helpful. They really do go the extra mile to help you out.

The pace– Much slower than Bombay, Delhi has time. Time to smell the flowers, to feel the cool October breeze, to talk to the neighbor, to relax, to think, to miss the first bus and take the second one. Bombay pulsates. Its energy is infectious, but it can (and does) get tired after a while. The way I see it, Bombay needs to slow down and Delhi needs to get moving!

The memories– Back in a city where over 20 years were spent, practically every road, every garden, every market brings back memories.  Yes, the city has changed beyond recognition, but amidst all the change, the memories persist.

The family– Lots of relatives. Lots of offers for free lunches. Lots of warmth and love.

The friends– Friends from school, college, the old neighbourhood. I have made some of my best friends here in Delhi. Ones that have stuck through the years. Ones I can call for anything, at any time, without a second thought. Living in the same city as them has been absolutely wonderful.

So thats what I love about Delhi. If you’ve lived in Delhi or have even passes it by, tell me what you like about it.

9 thoughts on “The good stuff

  1. well you just voted Delhi over Mumbai in almost everything !!! 🙂 🙂
    You know me. I can do a reverse post as well.:)

    I am a mumbai born guy ! but I agree Delhi has a charm that is different, Mumbai has a pace that is different !

    Food at both places is yum ! but again I must Agree the mughlai flavor of Delhi streets ! Sigh… ! 😛 😛
    Hey Bombay has enough good food to offer!!!May be not Mughalai.. but its good food

  2. Hi Mandira, I have been your reader for a very long time now, and love all your posts, but this one made me want to comment…have never been to delhi but loved the way you wrote about it…could feel the city!

    Hi Karishma. I didnt know I had people following the blog for a “very long time”. You are good for my ego. Thank you for de-lurking. Its always good to hear from a fellow blogger. 🙂
    If you get an opportunity visit Delhi. I crib about it, but it’s actually pretty nice, I promis

  3. Hey Mandira
    I have spent close to 5 years in Delhi and I just loved it!
    Currently I am in Mumbai and hence, can relate to the comparisons which you have made.
    I must say that you are bang on target with all 10 points.
    Delhi is better than Mumbai. Period

    PS-Read the last line again 😉
    I am guessing you dont like Bombay too much right now. Hang in there. Wait for a little time and I assure you the city will grow on you. We’ll compare notes after that! 🙂

  4. I haven’t lived in either city so I can’t really say much 🙂 My fav cousins live in Delhi – does that count 🙂 And yes, I got married in Delhi 🙂

    It totally counts!:) people who marry in delhi are very nice people. its been proved by research!

  5. Good old ‘saaddi Dilli”. Beautiful post and awesome photographs. I especially loved the madhumalati!

    Oooh yes, good old saadi dilli. 🙂 I took the madhumalti’s picture!! 😀 😀 😀

  6. I haven’t lived in either city, but yes.. I loved your post about Delhi and I’m hoping that I get a chance to visit the beautiful city soon! 😀

    Lovely pics! 🙂

    Visit when you can…:)

  7. Seriously??? Not even 1 year and already you’ve become dilliwasi 🙂 You’ve got to move back so that next time I am down,we can meet! Loved your pics…specially the parrots on the ledge next to the Qutb Minar(hope I’m right). More pics pls!
    I am as dilliwasi as I am bombaywasi. May be more bombaywasi.
    You are right, that is a parrot.
    We HAVE to meet next time you are in town..May be in Mangalore?:)

  8. Well, well… look who’s back! Nice to see you writing again, Mandira. 🙂 As for Delhi… hmm… can take it or leave it. Havent exactly had memorable times there – that is, not happy ones!

    🙂 Ya? Nothing nice at all? you must have had some nice experiences.When did you visit Delhi?

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