The mystery

Ever seen this?

Neither had I. Not until a day ago, that is.

It’s a fruit and I’ll send  you a basket full if you can correctly guess its name.  You get three guesses each. Come on now, the comments field is all yours.

12 thoughts on “The mystery

  1. It is a persimmon and I love going to the orchards and picking them out while eating lots in the process


    You are right Prashanti. I saw the fruit for the first time in Delhi the other day.

  2. Mandy, its the persimmon or also caled sharon fruit!!! And it tastes yummmmm!
    Hellllo my Goan friend.. I see you are back in the blog world. Have you begun blogging again yet?
    This is also called a sharon fruit?? I dint know that.

  3. What a coincidence, i saw this fruit last week and had tweeted about it.. The guy at the shop said its called Japan fruit 🙂 Discovered it is commonly referred to as persimmon
    Wow. This fruit has sooo many names. Japan fruit? really?? It looks more like a local fruit to me!

    I so Want to taste it….
    It tastes like ber, aarti. Pretty good to eat.:)

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