12 thoughts on “The mystery

  1. its called amlok or persimmon.. its a tangy sweet kind of fruit.. right?
    My friend, you surprise me with your knowledge for flowers and fruits.:)

  2. It is a persimmon and I love going to the orchards and picking them out while eating lots in the process


    You are right Prashanti. I saw the fruit for the first time in Delhi the other day.

  3. Mandy, its the persimmon or also caled sharon fruit!!! And it tastes yummmmm!
    Hellllo my Goan friend.. I see you are back in the blog world. Have you begun blogging again yet?
    This is also called a sharon fruit?? I dint know that.

  4. What a coincidence, i saw this fruit last week and had tweeted about it.. The guy at the shop said its called Japan fruit 🙂 Discovered it is commonly referred to as persimmon
    Wow. This fruit has sooo many names. Japan fruit? really?? It looks more like a local fruit to me!

    I so Want to taste it….
    It tastes like ber, aarti. Pretty good to eat.:)

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