They dont make them like that anymore…

…. films.. and in many cases, actors too.

If you agree to that, you are probably as old as me or older!  The older you get the better you appreciate the b/w era. 🙂



I watched a movie with a friend over the last weekend.  She and I have a routine. Every couple of months we meet up, talk till our jaws hurt, shop till we drop, eat at restaurants we can ill –afford and watch whatever movie is playing at the theatres. Its our way of breaking away from the monotony. Usually it works, and we return to our respective offices all talked out, broke but happy.  Everything with this arrangement is fine except for our choice of movies. The last time we saw Mausam. As you would know that movie was anything but awesome. This time we acted uncharacteristically gutsy and voluntarily chose to watch The Dirty Picture. Not a smart idea.

The only thing good about  The Dirty Picture is Vidya Balan. She undoubtedly impresses with her acting skills, but besides that, the movie doesn’t offer much. Not having seen any of Silk Smitha’s movie, it’s hard to assess exactly how close to the real character she was, but my gut feeling she has done a pretty good job of it.  At least that’s what a quick search on Silk Smitha on Wikipedia assures me. She seems to be comfortable portraying a challenging role and looks convincing throughout the film.

The first half of the film focuses on Silk’s  devil-may-care attitude and her deep desire to rise to fame and live life on her terms.  Post-interval the film depicts her discontent with relationships,  alcoholism  and her steady downfall in the industry, ending with her suicide. Oddly, the film doesn’t go beyond this- making practically no references to the exploitative nature of the films in those years  or the poverty, early marriage and ill-treatment that forced  the young girl to run away from home in the first place. To me, this was an obvious gap in the storyline.

You walk into the theatre expecting a film similar to one of Madhur Bhandarkar’s and are hugely disappointed because the movie doesn’t make it to that league at all.  Imran Hashmi and Tushar Kapoor have fairly prominent roles in the movie but they don’t do it justice to their characters. I never thought I’d say this, but I wasn’t too happy with Naseeruddin Shah either. There is no way I can find fault in his craft, but I felt something about his on-screen character didnt fit with his  real life personality.

If I were to go by the number of times the radio plays Oh la la, I’d have to call it a hit, but I think Ishq Sufiana is a far better song.  I noticed some similarities  between how this song  and  Tu Jaane Na from Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani is shot.  Did you notice them too?

Though Vidya Balan has obviously played a career defining role, I can’t help wondering why she had to pick this particular character to display her acting abilities. I can’t even fully understand why a biopic was made on Silk Smitha. What was so great about her? What did she do that was such a  critical contribution  to the film industry that we needed a 3 hour  film on her?  What was so outstanding or exceptional about the roles she played? If I were to ever make a movie on a film actor, I am sure I wouldn’t picked her.  Anyhow,  the movie has been made and released, but its  not a movie I am recommending.  Watch it for Balan, if you must.

Coming up next:  Green is in!

12 thoughts on “They dont make them like that anymore…

  1. First up I agree as we grow older we tend to appreciate the black and white era more… just last year bought a DVD and saw CID of Dev Anand and fell in love with the songs of the movie… !!!!!

    bout the raunchy movie… ! Aaaaah… I am going for the dirty picture tomorrow !!! I bet Vidya has been missing my lewd eyes !!!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛

    You must have seen Sadma !!! that is the only movie I saw on Silk Smitha !!! 😛 😛 😛 I guess the South guys could throw more light on this ! 😛 😛 😛

    I simply think Vidya is the hottest, sexiest bollywood heroine !!! 😛 😛 😛 I cant wait to go to the screen today !!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. After waiting for such a long time, I atlast read your new post today. Thoroughly enjoyed replaying those evergreen songs and admiring the eternal mesmerizing beauties of the silver screen. Read the content also and you have sort of compelled me to express my views as probably they could give you some answers to -They don’t make them like that anymore…

    Yesterday-People spent more time enjoying nature, spent time on lyrics, melody and the most imp of all, they created beauty out of simple things as is so evident in those songs that I just played-mindblowing. But today there is no depth and meaniing in films, songs, lyrics and even picturisation because it is all about making a fast buck, tantalizing the audience, rushing from one thing to another and worst of all no retrospection or introspection while making movies or songs. However, If one does that he/she can create the same magic again and again….Hope you got the point my dear girl…next post should be with more vital content, depth and an expression of your inner self….beautiful and simple….Ma

  3. 🙂 liked your post. I am not much of a movie person. I watch movies only to keep the husband, company many times. But I still commented, to tell ya I read your posts, and that you should keep writing 🙂

  4. Was it based on Silk Smitha? So out of Bollywood loop, didnt even know that. But have heard high praises for the movie overall. PLanning to watch Mission Impossible when it releases next week…..saw Anil Kapoor in the trailers 🙂

    I love old films. I bought a few DVD’s with me. need to go back soon to replenish my stock 🙂

  5. I think I agree with you about The Dirty Picture. It seemed entertaining while we were watching it, but it was in know way uplifting, the way a good film or play or concert is. Silk was ultimately a loser, unfortunately. Too many gaps in the narrative, and for once Naseer wasn’t a charming villain:(

    The old songs you posted here are all so sweet!

  6. Even at the risk of being dubbed as ‘out-of-date-old-man’, I would agree that ‘they don’t make like that any more’ – in fact as many more, because sometimes they do far better.
    Is it that a better technology takes away the human creativity?

    We still wonder how come any pursuit is rich or more satisfying if it is pursued amateurishly!

  7. I wanna watch the movie too!! Sigh!! I’m not sure if its been released here or not! 😀

    And I love the songs you have put up..and yea, B & W songs have more appeal nowadays!! 🙂
    And I think Vidya is a natural actress! 🙂

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