Email Subscription tells me I have 99 subscribers.



I only know of two people who’ve subscribed to this blog. And they are family, so they dont really count. The 97 others, now thats the group that has my attention. I  hadn’t a clue so many people were interested in what what I wrote. I am an inconsistent blogger and the comments I get here give no hint at the number of people reading. But 99 subscribers means someone’s reading.  If the stats of this blog are baffling enough, take the case of the  new photo blog. Three days in existence and 75 subscribers.  (!!) Unless there is some serious data monitoring problem with Email Subscription, there are a whole lot of readers I don’t know at all and have never  interacted with.

To say I am curious about this silent group of readers is an understatement. I am d-y-i-n-g to know who you are and what makes you subscribe to the blog. Come on guys,  de-lurk now !!

6 thoughts on “Whaaa?!

  1. Do blog lists count? You’re on mine 🙂 You should give out a prize to the 100th, or pick random people and ask strange questions perhaps.Something to mark the momentous 99!

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