Happy Birthday Dadi

dadi n me

I am a day late  in wishing you but I wanted to re-start this blog with something heart warming and happy, even if that meant I was late.

My paternal grandmother turned 79 yesterday. I called to wish her a happy birthday. She sounded very cheerful, more cheerful than I had found her in the last many months. My aunt had thrown her a surprise party at Haldiram’s with her park friends. She thanked me for the wishes and said “Its been a long journey” and then went on to recounted an incident from childhood.   “We’ll sit down some day soon and recall all the happy moments in your life. If you like, we’ll write them down.” I told her. The idea got her very excited. I haven’t  seen her this charged up about something in a long while.

I plan to meet her today evening and hold a long discussion over a cup of hot cup of chai. If she’s likes I’ll  jot down her fondest memories. May be she’ll read the text and re-live the happy times when the arthritic bones ache, when she gets tired of the rigmarole of everyday life, when she misses her departed parents……

I have some very fond memories of my grandmother. I spent a good part of my childhood with her.
I was her first grandchild and was naturally very loved. My mother tells me I get some of my characteristics and tastes  from her. She taught me to embroider- a hobby I pursue to date. She was the first person I saw baking. Baking is one of my favourite activities today. Some of my house-keeping sense I borrow from her. She knitted me hundreds of sweaters. Unfortunately, that skill I never picked up. She makes the best gobi-gajar-shalgum  and aam ka achar. Creates the most beautiful lace with tatting and crochet.  A political science graduate, she speaks English fluently and comfortably slips into the language when talking to her grandchildren. She’s opinionated. She likes to make a point and stick to it. I display a slightly diluted form of these  characteristics.

Happy happy birthday dadi. Here’s wishing the year brings you lots of good health and many happy moments.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dadi

  1. Touching post Mandy.

    Whether you display a slightly diluted form of the last two characteristics is highly debatable. In my opinion, you display a highly concentrated form of the same.

    That aside, I love reading your posts, and am glad that you have restarted your blog.

    Miss you. Keith

  2. From 12th June to 30th Nov, imagine you were away from blogging and what a lovely way to resume dear. Love, care and warmth form grandparents is such a treasured thing. Have great moments of randezvous and keep blogging!!!!

  3. That is such a cute picture!!! And my naani reminds me of so many of the things you have mentioned here – the aam ka aachar, embroidery and knitting. Lovely post and looking forward to more 🙂

  4. what better way to start! love that pic.. i always regret that i havnt experience the warmth of my grand parents.. but loved reading this 🙂

  5. Such a sweet post. I remember my nani but not my dadi as she passed away when I was little. However my grandfather stayed with us and I remember him so fondly. I sometimes miss him and wonder how things would have been with his presence around us 🙂 Ur post brought back memories.

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