A quiz it is!

All you  Marathon Bloggers, I bow to you. How you  churn out post after post, I know not. I do know,however,  that I promised you a “proper” post yesterday and so far  I’ve got zilch written down.  Its been a long day and at 10 PM and I am operating at sub-optimal levels. How are you guys doing this? I need to know.

A promise is a promise and must be kept. So here’s my attempt at salvaging the situation- a quiz! Take a look at the two pictures below. They are of a historical site in Delhi. One of the lesser known sites of Delhi, you may have seen these pictures on some Delhi tourism brochure or website. You have to guess the name of this site. If you get it right, you get to bunk one post in the Marathon month.;)



If you are on my Facebook, you’ll know this. May be then you shouldnt participate….

12 thoughts on “A quiz it is!

  1. @spiritinlife (aka mom)- You cant guess!!! You KNOW this!
    @Aanchal Tyagi- Yes!Yes!
    @Simran- Googling is allowed.. on the sly only!;)
    @vevisia- It does, you are right
    @Hitchy-Do a post pl..
    @Rohini26-But to bunk you have to guess first naa…

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