A Sunday well-spent

On some days I really like my job. On most days I like it, on some days it’s just about tolerable but on some others, I love it enough to write a post on it.

Take for instance this last Sunday. I spent half the day painting a government school in Gurgaon and loved every minute of it. The day was warm, the children infectiously happy, my mood upbeat and the activity fun.

Everyone knows the up-market, glitzy side of Gurgaon.  But behind the plush offices and big bunglows lives another Gurgaon- the original Gurgaon that has over time got pushed back by urbanization and industrialization. Pushed back so far behind that if you pass by Gurgaon or even live in it, there is a good chance that you won’t see it.  This is the Gurgaon that houses thousands of migrants who come to the city to find employment.  The Gurgaon that lives in cramped and unsanitary living conditions. The Gurgaon that lives without with we consider the basics for a decent life. The Gurgaon that you and I never visit.

A bunch of us from office got together to paint some learning aids on the walls of a government school in this Gurgaon. The school was a large one with classes from 1st to 12th and a sprawling playing ground. The overall condition of the school had seen improvement in the last few months. The company had made some investments in the school and that showed. But despite that, there was scope to do more.  And of all the options available to us, we chose to brighten up the school with some paint and plant some saplings to green it.   A professional painter was roped in to outline teaching aids on the exterior walls of the classrooms. We filled in the colour. Some who preferred gardening to painting, picked up a patch in the school and planted saplings.

Pull people put of the office environment and see how differently they behave. The competitiveness melts away, people are friendlier, happier, cooperative. It’s the same mix of people but they behave so differently. People may work together for years and they don’t bond they way they do when they are outside the office and on a common mission for social good. This was very evident that day.

It would have been great to share picture of everyone doing their bit to improve the school. But this is a public platform and people may not like having their pictures up here. So just a few pictures that don’t have people in them. Pardon the quality. Blackberry makes great keypads, terrible cameras.

New Image

Painted the grapes and learnt thats  its easier to paint bananas or mangoes.  Painting individual grapes are time consuming.

New Image4

Cuber and cone done by yours truly.

New Image5

A pretty pink flower in the school

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