The list

A theme post. This time on 10 things I’d like to do before I die. Just 10? I am sure if I get down to thinking I’ll have a much longer list. But we’ll leave that for another day. Let’s get started with 10 things that come to my mind instantly when I think of a bucket list.


  1. Find out the meaning of my life. This is a tough one, I know. And I am totally clueless about it, but I am keen on cracking this question. If I’ve been put on planet earth, there must be a reason for it. There’s got to be a meaning behind it all.  If I could find that out, that would be amazing.
  2. Meet a true ascetic/yogi. At least once. I am very fascinated by them but I don’t know where one can find a genuine one. One who has found answers to questions such as those in point 1 above.
  3. To become a better person- more patient, more tolerant, more understanding, more  compassionate, more humble, more determined, kinder.
  4. Travel- anywhere, everywhere, I am not fussy. 🙂 I am keen to see the unseen, non-touristy India. I am to cover at least 5 destinations in the East, West, North and South of the country. I am not overly kicked about travelling abroad. I think it would take me a lifetime to see my own country!
  5. Own a house and gather a sufficient savings to tide through life. This will happen only if I learn to manage money better, to save and invest in a disciplined fashion.
  6. Pick a social cause and make an actual contribution. Even if its small and no one even knows about it.
  7. Take good care of my parents. Keep them happy and make them proud of me.
  8. Have a family and do a bloody good job of caring for it.
  9. Be physically fit and mentally agile at all ages
  10. Own a dog and an aquarium. And may be a self-run bakery in the hills. The bakery is negotiable, the dog and aquarium are not.

After I wrote the list, I realise some of this stuff  I’d like to get done within the next couple of years. Others get a longer time frame to get accomplished.And yes, when I do kick the bucket, I want people to remember me. Not because of the possessions  I acquired or the corporate ladder I climbed but because of the polite words I spoke , the help I extended, the kindness and consideration is showed. That would be a life well lived.

11 thoughts on “The list

  1. Some of these to do’ are so endearing and I’m sure you will achieve them. You have time still. And he reason you’re put on this earth is just that. Let it be or else there is no fun. Just enjoy

  2. Hey…just the right time to put up your list…more like year resolution…you actually motivated me… one thing which i really need to work on is big painting for my living room 😀

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