Fun and games get funny

I suspect that was the management’s way of taking away the one weekly holiday we get. They called it “team building” and camouflaged it wonderfully. Then they got us excited about it by saying it will include fun and games. Gullible that we were, we got all charged up.

So one Sunday, not very long ago, we put on our shoes and jeans and reached Paintball Adventures in Gurgaon.

We were made to wear protective overalls and face masks (both 2 sizes big for me). Each player was handed a gun loaded with tiny paint balls. Teams were drawn. It was the Red Team v/s the Black Team. The adventure game organizer, a young lady with a loud voice, explained the rules of the game. The game essentially involved 2 opposing teams occupying a designated area designed like a battle field and strategizing and warring to capture a flag kept in the opposite team’s bunker. The competition warmed up. The teams huddled together and strategized. The game wasn’t just a game now. It was all about warring & winning.

Before she let us into the war zone,the lady repeated the safety rules. No shooting at close point. No shooting on/near the face. No shooting from behind.

“Yes, that’s clear. We have all this gear also, but how will we know if someone attacks us with their gun from behind? ”asked a senior in the team.

“The paint ball will burst and there will be a bright orange paint splotch. Your team members will tell you” said the organizer.

An 8 year old had just finished his game and was hanging around us.

He looked at us, 10 educated looking, 30+ adults…. and said solemnly  “You will feel it, Uncle”

Yup, you will. Some things are simply like that- experiential.

The older we  get, the more we intellectualise, sometimes unnecessarily…and embarrassingly.


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