Sundry thoughts..

..doing the rounds in my head these days…

  1. How is it that your oldest friends are your best friends? They make the most fun people to hang out with, the best sounding boards and confidantes. The news ones are good, but just not as good.
  2. How is it that when you think life is headed in a particular direction, it makes a sharp U-turn and takes you somewhere you didn’t even imagine?
  3. How does your mother know what you are going to say before you have said it?
  4. How does your father know you’ve messed up your finances for the month, though you haven’t told him? (Hi dad, this is not a statement on my current status. I am doing fine. Really. :))
  5. How is it that the day you shop for everything you will reach home and find out you’ve missed out one essential thing?
  6. How is the cupboard always overflowing?
  7. How is it that when you think you’ve figured people out, you will learn you’ve peeled  just one layer, a lot still remains to discover.
  8. How is it so hard to define what “something nice to eat” is?
  9. How has it become difficult to speak a complete sentence entirely in Hindi or English?
  10. How has children’s understanding of disciple and respect changed so much in such little time?
  11. How is it that there is no perfect mobile phone?
  12. How has fashion changed jeans so much that it’s impossible to get a regular pair now?

5 thoughts on “Sundry thoughts..

  1. No.5 always happens with me!
    I always wonder about No.10 too.
    Dont know about perfect but Samsung Galaxy S3 is pretty good 🙂 (No, I dont have it, hubby has it)

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