The parents

Parents play such a large  part in our lives that’s its practically impossible to not be influenced by them.  We admire them, learn from them and in many cases, aspire to be like them.  I think most of us end up being like them in one way or another, whether we consciously plan it or not- so great is the influence.

I love and admire my parents for a lot of things. I am putting it out on a list here. What comes straight to my mind, features  here.

The mother

  1. Persistence. If she’s set her mind on it, she’ll persist till she gets it. Very ant-like 🙂
  2. The ability to smile through difficulties.
  3. Commitment.  Of the highest order to her family, her job, her hobbies and her chosen path.
  4. Making the most of whatever resources, people, situations life sends her way.
  5. Putting others first. Caring for them. Being there for them. Making their lives easier, more comfortable and joyous.
  6. Spontaneity.
  7. Helpfulness.
  8. The insatiable desire to learn.
  9. The will and ability to stretch the mind and self beyond limits
  10. The ability to see the funny side of things.

The father

  1. Honesty. Father=honesty.
  2. Hard-work .
  3. Saying a lot, with a little. Most people over-use, misuse or carelessly use them. Not the father. No one speaks in doses as perfectly measured as him. Quite an art, I think.
  4. Calmness.
  5. Material detachment. Another area perfected. It’s coupled with generosity and that’s what makes it truly great.
  6. The ability to take on life’s challenges.
  7. Being there for the family.
  8. Finding happiness in the same and simple things of life.
  9. Expressing love in the smallest and cutest ways. Remember the “ugly” watch, the flourecent pink dress material, the chicken sandwiches in the tiffin, pa? All very sweet gestures.
  10. The ability to fix-it. All gadgets of all types will be restored to previous working conditions, only with a few screws missing. 🙂

What is it that you admire most about your parent/s?The comments space is all yours.

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