Ideas and guts


If you’ve been in a job for a while, there would have been times when you’ve  felt it would be far better to set up your own little enterprise and work for yourself. You’d do the work you like, the work hours would be flexible, there would be no office politics or ridiculous hierarchy to deal with and you would build something from scratch.  It would be your idea and enterprise and you could take it anywhere. The idea sounds absolutely thrilling…….. If only I had  earth-shaking ideas and the guts to leave the security and familiarity of a regular job. I dont. So for now, its back to the office desk.

2 thoughts on “Ideas and guts

  1. Leaving my job three years back was one of the most difficult decisions I took! Thanks to my wife, mom and brothers who all assured me I would not be made to go hungry! 🙂

    Today I have no regrets and am wanting my wife to now quit her job so that I have no problems with leaves when we decide to travel! 😀 Unfortunately she doesn’t want to quit! 😛

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