The house that was..

For two years we called it our home. A badly constructed and ill-maintained DDA flat that we lovingly turned into a warm and livable space.

We moved into this apartment with one bed, two trunks, two cane seaters,  a few essential household gadgets, a carton full of utensils and a few suitcases holding our clothes. Most of it was stuff I had collected when I was living alone in the city.  Over the span of two years,  the apartment transformed into what I considered to be a “proper” home- a full pantry, stacked book racks,  some hardwood and cane furniture, plenty of  bed linen and knick-knacks collected from here and there. I can’t say I did it all alone- I got help from the parents whenever they visited,  some friends shared useful (and economical!) ideas and the spouse pitched in too. Of course, he couldn’t fathom why we needed anything other than what we had moved in with and we had countless “discussions” on this! Men!

The house required a lot of work but I was willing to give my all. Being my first home after marriage, it was special to me.  It  offered me space (lots of it!), however drab and ill-kept, to turn it into into something aesthetic and comfortable.  Such a departure from the tiny accommodations that I inhabited while living alone that gave no scope at all !

Gradually, bit-by-bit, the 2 room apartment transformed. The whitewashed walls and the grey-base mosiac floor no longer looked that bad. The paintings on the walls, the colourful bed covers, the smell of baking wafting through the air and the pretty flowers blooming in the balcony took your attention away from the unappealing sights 🙂 We added some elements for comfort and convenience as well. The apartment’s old DDA look and feel steadily faded away and what appeared in its place was our home.

As time ticks on..
Feeling zen?
Neatly made bed meet haphazardly laid pillows
Mirror, mirror on the wall..
Pink is in 🙂
For a few quiet moments
Making the kabaadi look pretty

The balcony garden blooms

AC window “art”
Zen again
Cane all around!

An eclectic collection


Yeh Dilli hai mere jaan
Salt & pepper shakers share space with fresh cut flowers
Break your fast with us?

Then in August 2015, we welcomed Baby C into our lives. Along with the immense joy and excitement, came a deluge of responsibilities!  Nothing and no one can prepare you for parenthood.


After the initial rough months, I settled into the new role and learnt to love being a mother. It was more demanding that I had imagined but it was also the purest form of joy and love I had ever experienced. I contemplated quitting my job, time and time again. After going back and forth on my decision for the nth time, we finally decided I would continue working, but we’d need to fall back upon the family for help. It simply wasn’t possible to hold a full time job and raise Baby C single handedly. After some family consultation and for the convenience of all, we decided to move- in with the spouse’s parents.

We packed up our apartment in November. For me it was packing up a home created over two years with painstaking effort. I  packed my belongings once again but this time it felt different. Along with the belongings came many memories, some lovely, some painful, some happy, some funny- truly a mixed bag.

However it was and whatever memories it may have held, this was my home and I loved it. Moving on wasn’t easy, but it was time to restructure my life again.