Much to my surprise this blog has persisted.

What began as an experiment has today become a part of my life. Almost as a chronicle of my life and everything that touches it.  In the past four years there have been several occasions when I have felt that this blog has crossed its best by date. But each time I’ve thought of shutting shop, I have (miraculously) found a reason to continue. The last time I shut the blog, I was very sure I wasn’t going to be writing again. But here I am, back at Churningthewordmill, wondering what the topic for my next post should be.

When I read the posts I wrote 2-3 years back, I sometimes find myself embarrassed. I wrote like this?! Oh god. I then  wonder if it wouldn’t be better to just start afresh. Let history be buried six feet under (or more) and begin a new blog altogether. I’ve tried that. But it’s no fun. This space, this name is familiar. Its home.  Plus while the old writing is embarrassing, it is a means for me to know where I started from. Its history.  Its good, at least for now.

I’d rather you learn about me from the blog, but to get started let me spell out the basics for you.  I work in the social development field. Currently a resident of Delhi, I left a part of me in Mumbai (I’ll call it Bombay, if you don’t mind) when I moved cities. Reading and baking are what I do when I have time on hand. Since I left the oven back home in Bombay, I only read these days. I’ve also picked up embroidery lately. That’s not going too well, so don’t ask.

Just like all other bloggers, I love to hear from you. The comments field is all yours. Just remember the opinions and views you read here are a personal expression and you may or may not agree to them.  Thats fine, we can agree to disagree, so long as we all  know that the intention of any post was not to hurt sentiments. Oh also, if you don’t mind, I’ll call Mumbai Bombay. I like it better that way. 🙂

If you wish to get in touch over mail, you can  write to churningthewordmill@gmail.com.

21 thoughts on “About

  1. Ma’am, kaam ho gaya hai… wohi jo apney supari di thi na, uska,,,,
    he he he,,,
    you wanted a translation of my poem ‘sach’, i was scared, but did feel encouraged and finished doing it just now

    and by the way, this gmail address you’ve given doesnt work, the mail bounced back.

  2. somehow dropped in here…but i am glad i came here…dint yet read posts fully but its very special blog thats what I felt now!
    Would be back soon !
    Very very impressive outlook!

  3. I must say I am impressed. Not just impressed but highly impressed.

    This part of you I never knew, though suspected.

    I enjoyed reading today and will keep coming back.

  4. Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you enjoy ur bday Mandy, and have a great time! Wish you a soooper dooper year ahead!

    *tight celebration hugs* and loads of muahs!!!!

    One last thing…. Pics of cake!!! Pliss to post!! 😀 😀 😀

  5. Hi Mandira, I landed on your blog accidentally while reading Ma’s posts. You write well ! I liked reading your posts 🙂 Nice pictures too !! Keep up the good work.!!

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