My friend Lakshmi and I had a baking blog once . Then life happened. We both got busy  and had little time to maintain a second blog. So the blog persisted but we just stopped writing.

We both still bake (she more often than me) but dont necessarily post on the blog. One day I will get back to updating that blog, just dont ask me when.

5 thoughts on “Bakingbuddies

  1. Hey,
    Thanks for all the nice things you said about my train cake. It was my first attempt at anything of that sort. Am thrilled about making a “baking buddy”!
    Can’t wait to swap notes with you 🙂

  2. Hey Mandu, I need your help on using my new LG oven Model : MS-2049UW for baking purpose. I’ve been wanting to bake, starting with a simple cake, but I need some initial know how about using the oven.
    hey Lively.. u are actually asking the wrong person.. i have never used a micro.. i work with an OTG.. i am guessing using the microwave wont be rocket science.. i hope u bought a convection one… it might be a good idea to try out ur new oven with a very small recipe.. half or quarter any cake recipe that you have(it shud be one that has worked previously so that if there is a prob in the final product, u know its not coz the recipe was all wrong)… browse thru the manual that came with the oven.. that shud give u a basic idea about the temprature control and other basics…

    1. Oh great! I tried one recipe and the end product sucked. It became so hard, it was almost a huge cookie. Good I didnt make an actual size cake.
      umm… i hope the recipe was correct… get a fool proof one and try again..

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