My joy turns green

Moving into an apartment close to work has been a lot of fun.  Living on our own given as an opportunity us to learn and grow, to face live on our own and to begin thinking as a unit.

In the past six months that we’ve been here, I believe we’ve turned a bare, white-washed apartment into a home. It now has enough furniture to accommodate get-togethers and family visits, the kitchen is well- stocked with gadgets and food, cooling and heating systems are in place.  This is a space where we are truly ourselves. Living here we’ve taken the time to discover each other, we’ve talked and argued, cooked and cleaned, laughed and cried. In every sense this is our home.

The apartment has balconies. If you come from Bombay you know how precious they are! We’ve turned one of them into our “garden”.  The “garden” is basically a few well tended pots lined up along the length of the balcony. A little greenery in the concrete jungle.

I took to gardening with the purpose of learning something new. I thought I’d learn about plant names and nature.  It turned out that I learnt a lot more. I learnt the importance of hard work, patience and hope.

After a rough start where a couple of my plants died, I now have plants that are thriving. The Delhi rains, though delayed, have been kind.  This “garden” is my pride and joy. Take a look.

Jade in a matka planter
Rain on foliage
A stand alone terracotta horse amongst moneyplant that is recovering from the severe summer.
Homegrown curry leaves.
Homegrown curry leaves.
Buds. Hoping for lots of hibiscus flowers.
Buds. Hoping for lots of hibiscus flowers.
Rain lilies
And a few more.
A solitary rose blooms.
A solitary rose blooms.
And soon finds company with this pink one.
And soon finds company with this pink one.
Jasmine. Absolutely the best part about summers.

Bright and happy the house is..

and life is back in order once again.

 The painting job is over. Things at home have found their original place.  Everything looks brighter, happier, and surprisingly lighter. The lightness isn’t a result of the newly coloured walls. It’s a direct outcome of the “spring cleaning” that we were forced to undertake while Missions Paining was on. If you’ve moved homes, renovated them or done an overall paint job, you’ll know how much unplanned cleaning and reorganizing you end up doing. Its an exhausting process, but well worth the effort.

This time the painters uncharacteristically kept their time line, which,if you ask me,  is rather  impressive. As is their earnestness in doing the task in hand. It is this earnestness that has translated into spray paint designs on  all surfaces inadvertently left uncovered by us.  If only we could change our perception, we would be able to look at our  water jug covered in a fine mist of off-white paint as a style statement. Come to think of it, it is a unique style statement. How many of you can boast of possessing such an item? Of course if you pair the painted jug with a couple of spray painted katoris, floor tiles and window sills, it does takes away some of the uniqueness of the object..but still…

While almost everything is exactly as it was before the painting, we’ve made one minor change. It’s  this image of Kali Ma that we have  has with us for years that has found a permanent place now.  Purchased on a visit to the Dakshineshwar temple on the outskirts of Calcutta, the image is a personal favourite. Made with grains of unpolished rice, the image of the Godess blesses the entrance of our house nowadays.